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Playbetr: The Cryptocurrency Sportsbook and Casino

Playbetr: The Cryptocurrency Sportsbook and Casino

Playbetr is a fully licensed cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and Ethereum sportsbook and casino that offers a user-friendly interface and features over 1,000 interactive games. It comes highly recommended as the best place to play for anyone interested in cryptocurrency gaming.


Originally, Playbetr was developed by a group of experts in the sportsbook and casino industry. The user experience combines the best aspects of the current cryptocurrency trend with the betting industry. Though cryptocurrencies have only been around since Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, there are now a wide variety of online currencies supported by Playbetr. The default currency, however, is the PBR. Players can rest easy knowing that it’s a stable coin tied directly to the USD. Values won’t fluctuate during gameplay, and players can always be sure of their exact winnings. PBR transactions are also secure, anonymous, and fast, just as with any other form of cryptocurrency. This is one of the many reasons that this type of transaction has gained such booming popularity in recent years.

Cryptocurrencies at Playbetr

Currently, Playbetr supports fourteen different cryptocurrencies. Players have a wide choice of which coin they want to withdraw or deposit. What’s more, transactions are lightning fast. Playbetr is not only a Bitcoin casino but also a Litecoin casino, an Ethereum casino, a Ripple casino, and a Monero casino. Users can access a variety of sportsbooks, including a Bitcoin sportsbook, Litecoin sportsbook, Ethereum sportsbook, Ripple sportsbook, and Monero sportsbook. Other coins include Bitcoin cash, binance coin, dash, pax, usdc, dai, and PBR.


Casino and Sportsbook Software

Playbetr was created to offer an unparalleled online cryptocurrency gaming experience that’s both entertaining and rewarding. The platform hosts more than 1,200 casino games with a friendly interface and advanced graphics. Players can choose from blackjack, baccarat, slots, roulette, pai gow, baccarat, video poker, and many more popular options. Games are provably fair, allowing the game to verify each outcome to their satisfaction. Players who prefer the thrill of a more personal gaming experience can play in real time at the fully inclusive live casino that includes such classics as baccarat, blackjack, roulette and more. The live sports offerings available on Playbetr boast the most markets and the longest time to place a wager than almost any other competing Bitcoin casino, Litecoin casino, Ethereum casino, Ripple casino, or Monero casino.

The Playbetr cryptocurrency sportsbook offers almost 30,000 monthly in play and prematch markets, giving it an edge on the current competition. The many unique features that the platform boasts for its Bitcoin sportsbook, Litecoin sportsbook, Ethereum sportsbook, Ripple sportsbook, Monero sportsbook, and more make it one of the top contenders for best crypto casino in the world.

VIP Rewards

Playbetr users enjoy a generous VIP reward program that features rebates, benefits, and other bonuses. First-time users get to make the most of their first deposit with a 100% matching bonus courtesy of the casino along with ten free spins. After this initial bonus, players earn a 50%, 25%, and 10% reload bonus with their second, third, and fourth deposits. New users also start accumulating Status Points with their very first game, which entitle players to loss back and bet back rebates. This means that the more a person plays, the larger a percentage Playbetr will refund for placed bets and acquired losses. Loyal users can curb their net losses and earn more when they play. This applies to the platform’s Bitcoin casino, Litecoin casino, Ethereum casino, Ripple casino, Monero casino, and more. Playbetr consistently rewards their best players for doing what they enjoy, with its VIP program earning a reputation that’s the envy of the industry.

Affiliate Program

By referring new crypto enthusiasts to Playbetr, existing users can earn more coin through the platform’s affiliate program. Playbetr offers some of the highest commission in the industry for every referred player. They even offer to help their affiliates to create attractive and professional banners, campaigns, and more to help them attract new players with ease and bring in more coin. When an affiliate referrals a player, they’re given the full Playbetr VIP experience. They’ll have access to all of the top features of the virtual casino and the Bitcoin sportsbook, Litecoin sportsbook, Ethereum sportsbook, Ripple sportsbook, and Monero sportsbook, including bonuses and rewards programs. What’s more, by introducing new users, affiliates earn each time that the person plays for lifetime residual commissions to further pad their Playbetr account. Players can refer friends, family, and followers today to gain more coin.

Customer Support

Playbetr aims to be a leader in customer satisfaction, starting with their expert customer support department. Trained staff are on-hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions or address concerns that customers might have, from the user interface to monetary transactions. Support is available both instantly through a live chat forum and also via email, with assistance available in several different languages. Each agent can address any everyday situations that may arise, while a manager is always on hand to help customers with more complex issues. Playbetr is continually striving to further improve the support experience to keep up with the changing needs of its players. Though most Playbetr users have limited interaction with the customer support department, most report overwhelming satisfaction with the polite and professional manner in which their issues are addressed.


Both highly skilled players and those completely new to the online betting scene will appreciate the smooth interface, advanced user features, and safe, anonymous crypto transactions that Playbetr has to offer. Guests can play thousands of virtual games at the online casino or partake in live action through the Ethereum sportsbook or other sportsbooks. Playbetr combines the online casino and sportsbook experience with cryptocurrency for an exciting and engaging gaming experience. Players can earn through wagering options, tournaments, jackpots, and more, or they can take advantage of the many rewards programs and Affiliate bonuses that the platform has to offer. Go to www.Playbetr.com to enjoy the very best in cryptocurrency gaming today.

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